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Trouble in Mineville

There are traitors amongst you. Your job is to find them, or to kill everyone if you're one of them.

Cowboys and Indians

12v12 strategic team battles. Capture the opponent's leader, but make sure to defend yours!


Fall your way to victory! You can also try to achieve the fastest times possible.

Latest News

Block Party is now released!

In addition to our PvP-focused games Trouble in Mineville and Cowboys and Indians, we’re adding the music-packed party areas of KIG BlockParty. The popular fast-paced dancing game is now coming to the server.

Trouble in Mineville is now released!

After three months of development, we’re proud to present to you our own recreation of Trouble in Mineville. The game has been finely tuned thanks to the help of all the people who attended our 10 testing sessions.