Trouble in Mineville

How to Play

Trouble in Mineville is a Minecraft recreation of the popular Gmod strategy minigame Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Before the match starts, make sure to loot chests so you get the recommended starting kit: a stone sword and bow and arrows.

Then, you'll be assigned one of three roles:

  • Innocent: You must try and survive. Collaborate with the detectives to unveil the traitors, but make sure not to trust anyone!
  • Detective: You are a certified innocent with two extra powers. You can use your stick to inspect dead bodies and find their killer, and you also get a log of players who've tested. But be careful, because traitors will get more karma for killing you.
  • Traitor: You must kill all the innocents and detectives before time runs out (7:30 minutes).

Traitors win if they kill all innocents and detectives, and the others win if no traitors are left alive or if the timer reaches zero.

The Traitor Tester

Every map includes a traitor tester, a small contraption with a button and two lamps that is used to check whether someone is a traitor. When a traitor presses the button, the two lamps will turn on.


General rules apply. Additionally, Trouble in Mineville includes game-specific rules:

  • Random Death Match (more info): Killing players without a valid reason is not allowed.
  • Karma Baiting (more info): Baiting players into thinking you're a traitor when you aren't (e.g. refusing to test, or asking people to kill you) is not allowed.
  • Ghosting: You are not allowed to give participating players hints on who the traitors are.
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