Cowboys and Indians

How to Play

Cowboys and Indians is a revisitation of the classic game format "Capture the Flag". Two teams attempt to capture each other's flag, which is a player in this game.

Each team's leader is the most precious object in the game. Right-click to catch it and bring it back to your base to score a capture.

The game ends once 15 minutes have passed or a team has captured 4 leaders.


Each player receives a wooden sword, bow and arrows, a compass to track their leader, and this set of powerup items:

  • Cobweb Wall: A 3x2 cobweb wall to slow down incoming players.
  • Speed Dust: A consumable item that gives you 10 seconds of Speed I.
  • Invisibility Dust: A consumable item that gives you 10 seconds of Invisibility. In this state you can only get hit by projectiles, but damaging other players will remove the effect.


General rules apply. Additionally, Cowboys and Indians includes game-specific rules:

  • Leader Trolling: Going to the enemy base as leader in order to get captured is not allowed.
  • Capture Trolling: Refusing to complete a capture to damage your team is not allowed.
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